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Joseph J. Hyde, Walter Block, Sławomir Gawroński, Ilona Majkowska, Konrad Szocik, Bartłomiej Tkacz, Karthikeyan Parameswaran, Halla Kim, Tudor Petcu, Andy Besuden,


Oeconomia Suffocato: The Origins of Antipathy Toward
Free Enterprise Among Catholic Intelligentsia

What is the source of the antipathy of Catholic intellectuals toward free
markets? That is the issue addressed in the present paper. We see the
antecedents of this viewpoint of theirs in terms of secular humanism, Marxism
and mistaken views of morality and economics. One of the explanations for
this phenomenon are the teachings of St Augustine. He greatly distrusted the
City of Man, seeing it as anarchic and chaotic. In contrast, his City of God is
more orderly, but far removed from the hurly burly of free enterprise. Another
source of the rejection of capitalism on the part of Catholic intellectuals is
liberation theology, which is Marxism minus the atheism of that doctrine. Both
economic and cultural Marxism have played a role in the alienation of such
intellectuals from the tenets of laissez faire capitalism. Are there any counter
currents? Yes, the School of Salamanca, which has been all but forgotten in
this community.

Marketing Communication of the Catholic Church –
a Sign of the Times or Profanation of the Sacred?

The Catholic Church – though in popular opinion it is sometimes treated as a
stronghold of conservatism, traditionalism, suspicion of progress and novelty, it
changed significantly in the second half of the 20th century and continues to change
its attitudes, especially in terms of the use of social communication and attitude to
the media mass. The Church’s growing openness to media relations and the use of a
rich instrumentation of social communication has become one of the reasons for the
growing popularity of market orientation among the clergy and active believers,
which opens opportunities for the development of the concept of a specific sectoral
marketing formula of church marketing. In this article the authors search for the
causes of the progressive phenomenon of the marketization of religion, present
examples of the activities of the Polish Catholic church, inscribed in the church
marketing trend, as well as define the negative consequences resulting from its
dissemination. The applied research method is based on the literature analysis and
case studies analysis.

Multi-Level Challenges in a Long-Term Human Space Program.
The Case of Manned Mission to Mars

Yuri Gagarin has started the first time in human history the manned mission in
space when his Vostok aircraft successfully achieved Earth orbit in 1961. Since
his times, human space programs did not develop too much, and the biggest
achievement still remain landing on the Moon. Despite this stagnation, there
are serious plans to launch manned mission to Mars including human space
settlement. In out paper, we are going to identify and discuss a couple of
challenges that – in our opinion – will be a domain of every human deep-space

Does First Class Make Sense for Airlines?

This topic reflects the behavioral characteristics and the measurement of first
class air travel worldwide. Airlines in the East are pushing the boundaries and
investing heavily on their first class cabins and potentially competes for their
premium passenger. On the other hand, first class market in the western part of
the world has been disappearing for decades and rather replaced with improved
business class cabins. The worldwide shock of most recent economic crisis had
a downward impact on the premium air travel and the post economic impacts
were followed by some carriers cutting their first class capacity. The purpose
of this research is to highlight whether first class make sense for the airlines to
retain? This study is carried out with the research that some airlines have
specifically targeted their routes that can fill expensive first class seats, and
these were reflected by the strong presence of global business centers whereas
others were diminishing due to less lucrative demand. This research will also
show the complexity of airline hard product around the world and how they
encounter to retain their premium passenger.

The History of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hungary

The interview of Tudor Petcu with Andy Besuden.

Andy Besuden is born in Germany in 1961, received most of his schooling in Vienna, Austria, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1986. Originally born into a family of Lutheran beliefs, he started to study the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1970. Baptized in 1981, he started full-time volunteering as Jehovah’s Witness in 1987. After receiving special training, he was sent to Hungary in 1992 to help organizing the preaching work that had been granted legal recognition three years before. Among other assignments, he helped with researching the history of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hungary. At present, Andy Besuden is serving as missionary in Szeged.

The History of Korean Philosophy

The interview of Tudor Petcu with Halla Kim.

Halla Kim is professor of philosophy at Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea, and professor of philosophy and faculty member at the Schwalb Center for Israel and Jewish Studies at University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA. His recent publications include Immanuel Kant in Benjamin Crowe, ed., The Nineteenth Century Philosophy Reader (London: Routledge, 2015) and Nothingness in Korean Buddhism: A Struggle against Nihilism in JeeLoo Liu and Douglas Berger, eds., Nothingness in Asian Philosophy (London: Routledge, 2014). Fichte on Fact/Act (Tathandlung) and Fichte‘s Philosophical Method will appear shortly in M. Bykova, ed.The Bloomsbury Companion to Fichte. His articles also appeared in Locke Studies, Journal of Philosophical Research, and Recht und Frieden in der Philosophie Kants, among others. His own book Kant and the Foundations of Morality (Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2015) has just been published as well as his anthology (with S. Hoeltzel), Kant, Fichte and the Legacy of Transcendental Philosophy (Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2014). His latest anthologies include, Jewish Religious and Philosophical Ethics, together with C. Hutt and B. D. Lerner (Routledge, 2017) and Transcendental Inquiry: Its Origin, Method, and Critiques (with S. Hoeltzel) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Currently he is writing an introductory book on the history of Korean philosophy (tentatively entitled Korean Philosophy: A Historical Introduction‖) as well as preparing two anthologies, The Key Issues in Korean Philosophy (SUNY expected) and Beyond the Bounds of Sense: The Anniversary Issue of P.F Strawson’s Bounds of Sense (Oxford: expected). He held visiting professorships at Osaka University (2017), University of Iowa Center for Asia and Pacific Studies (2001), Kyungpook National University, Korea (2011), University of San Francisco (2014), Katholike Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (2014), Shizuoka University, Japan (2015) and received grants from DAAD, Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, and the Academy of Korean Studies. Specializing in Kant/German Idealism, modern Jewish thoughts and Korean philosophy, he teaches a number of courses including history of modern philosophy, Kant, German Idealism as well as history of Korean philosophy and Asian philosophy. In 2013, he founded North American Korean Philosophical Association (NAKPA) as an affiliate group of the American Philosophical Association. He is also a frequent lecturer at the Global Day of Jewish Learning organized by the Jewish Federation of Omaha. Presently he is a member of American Philosophical Association, International Kant Society, Korean Kant Society, International Fichte Society, North American Kant Society, North American Fichte Society among others. He is also on the editorial board for Sogang Journal of Philosophy, Korean Journal of Philosophy, European Studies Journal, inter alia. He has served as referee for Journal of Korean Religions, Acta Koreana, Philosophy East and West, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, DAO: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, Korean Studies, among others.