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Walter Block, Anthony J. Cesario, Leith B. Edgar, Pedro J. Caranti, David Iglesias, Ian Hersum, Milton Kiang, Sukrit Sabhlok, Eduardo Blasco, David Marcos, Mike Holmes, Mark Thornton, Lucas Maciel Bueno, Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski, Igor Wysocki, J. C. Lester, David Fisher,

Free inquirer L.B. Edgar currently studies free enterprise at Loyola University New Orleans, (also known as Social Justice University) in Louisiana. An enthusiastic practitioner of praxeology, he prefers voluntary social and economic relationships to the alternative systems abounding the world over.


Beneath the Black Robes of Ignatius and Mariana:
Limited Liberty within an Interventionist Order

The Society of Jesus sprang from the devout faith of a sidelined soldier who
traded in his weapons to form a militant order of Catholic Reformers sworn to
serve the Papacy as missionary soldiers of Christ. Specialization in education
led Jesuits to roles as theologians of the 16th Century, including as members of
the School of Salamanca, whose Jesuit members mostly took pro-market
positions on free enterprise. One learned Jesuit in particular deviated from his
order’s default position of papal dirigisme to become an enemy of the state.

April 7th, 2021
I am going to need more clarity because using fancy words actually didn't do anything for myself in regards to learning anything from your article . It's also interesting you refer to it as a society of Jesus.

Sidenote: you look like you have been in prison for yrs? It's technically hot but what the heck Leith?
April 7th, 2021
It's amazing that I am to write passcode sociology because y'all are not being sociologists at all just talking ou the side of your neck. I struggle withnth fact that I was into a dude with super big issues. lol


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