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Andrzej Dąbrowski, Kamil I. Bakhtiyarov, Andrew Schumann, Rico Vitz, Krzysztof Pancerz, Andrzej Szelc, Mehdi Shokri,

Professor of Mathematics, Doctor  of  Philosophy, Logic (Moscow, RUSSIA, 1934). The honorary worker of higher special education of the Russian Federation (2005).


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2. Arithmetization of Classical and Non-Classical Logic, in: Proceedings of First World Conference of the Fundamentals of Artifical Intellegence. Paris, 1991. P.73-80.
3. Method of Analytical Classification in Logic and Computer Science, in: UNESCO. Second International Congress on Education and Informatics. Moscow. 1996.
4. Square of Thinkig Styles, in: IV International conference "Non-Linear World". ABSTRACTS. Moscow. 1999. P. 106. 95.
5. Logical  Structure of Genetic Code, Symmetry: Culture and Science. Vol.12. 2001. № 3-4. P.401-406.
6. Matrix of Complementarity for Metagenetic, in: Symmetry Festival 2009. Abstracts. Budapest 2009.
7. Arithmetization of Matrix Genetics  //   Логико-философские исследования, вып.5,  М.,  2011.



The Logic of Self-Organized Criticality

A consideration of non-classical logic in terms of classical one allows us to show a role of designated truth values. In this way we show that our version of non-classical many-valued logic can be based on the structure of genetic code.


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