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Kamil I. Bakhtiyarov

Professor of Mathematics, Doctor  of  Philosophy, Logic (Moscow, RUSSIA, 1934). The honorary worker of higher special education of the Russian Federation (2005).


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The Dial of the Circular Complementarity of the Designated and Antidesignated Pairs

Issue: 1:3/1:4 (The third/fourth issue)
“Let None But Geometers Enter Here” – that was a motto of Platonic Academy. The founder of the higher geometry chair in Sorbonne M. Chasles said that the geometry “is considered as a basis of mathematical sciences, and the best thinkers of all times considered it, as an excellent exercise in the logics, extremely suitable for development of great minds” [17, p. 515]. Lobachevsky's works have focused scientists’ attention on the problem of the relationship between various geometrical constructions. “When analyzing formation of a principle of compliance in the history of geometry, usually the value of ideas of N.I. Lobachevsky for identification of relationship between Euclidean and not Euclidean geometry is appreciated” [12, p. 234].

The Logic of Self-Organized Criticality

Issue: 4:3 (The fifteenth issue)
A consideration of non-classical logic in terms of classical one allows us to
show a role of designated truth values. In this way we show that our version of
non-classical many-valued logic can be based on the structure of genetic code.