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Gülgün Çiğdem

Gülgün Çiğdem is the Head of the Department of International Trade and Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Istanbul Gelisim University. She specializes in macroeconomics, finance, and applied econometrics. In addition to her innovative work named The Crisis-Cancer Cycle, her work linking Femicide to macro-economic variables is noteworthy.


Andrzej Pietruszczak

Andrzej Pietruszczak is a professor of logic at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He is an editor of the quarterly "Logic and Logical Philosophy".



Yaroslav Shramko

Yaroslav Shramko (b. 1963), professor of the Department of Philosophy, rector of the Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University (Ukraine). His main research interests lie in the fields of logic and analytical philosophy. He has carried out several projects on modern non-classical logic: 1996-1998, within the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship at Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany); 1999-2000, within the Fulbright Program at Indiana University in Bloomington (USA); 2003-2004, as a Wilhelm Bessel Awardee at Dresden University of Technology (Germany) among them. He has been a frequent invited speaker at international conferences and congresses. He is a member of the editorial boards of several international logic journals, such as Logic and Logical Philosophy (Torun, Poland), Bulletin of the Section of Logic (Łódź, Poland), European Journal of Mathematics (Springer), Studia Logica (Springer). Prof. Shramko is the author of “Truth and Falsehood. An Inquiry into Generalized Logical Values” (Springer, 2011, joint work with Heinrich Wansing) and of a number of articles on logic and analytic philosophy in peer-reviewed international journals.



Piotr Łukowski

Piotr Łukowski – habilitated doctor of Humanities, since 2020 professor of the Jagiellonian University, head of the Department of Logic at the Institute of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University. From 1987 to 2020, he worked at the University of Lodz. He held foreign internships at: Imperial College of London (1993), University of Warwick (Coventry, 1993), Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology JAIST (Hokuriku-Kanazawa, 1995-1997), Université de Nantes (1998, 2000), Ruhr-Universität Bochum (2011), and a course in marketing and logistics in The Hague (1994). He is a member of the Polish Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science. He works in both philosophical and formal logic; he is also interested in communication theory, especially manipulation, persuasion and lying.


Matheus Gabriel Barbosa

Matheus Gabriel Barbosa studied Law at the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil. Has a postgraduate degree in Public Law from the Superior School of Law and is a Master's student in Philosophy of Logic and Language at the Federal University of Goiás. His academic interests are directed towards understanding how Logic and Philosophy of Language can assist in the understanding of Philosophy of Law-related matters. Has professional experience in Public Administration and Brazilian Tax Law, with an emphasis on Legislative Drafting, Tax Consultation, Fiscal Administrative Litigation, Project Management, Process Analysis, and Public Management Advice.


Vadim Verenich

Vadim Verenich, Estonian legal semiotician, email:


Jaap Hage

Jaap Hage is a professor emeritus of Maastricht University, where he held the chair of jurisprudence. He has taught many different courses, including Introduction to Law, Legal Philosophy and Logic. His research has focused on legal theory, in particular legal logic and legal ontology (basic legal concepts), social ontology, and law and the cognitive sciences. He is the author or (co-)editor of many scientific articles and books, including Reasoning with Rules, Studies in Legal Logic, Foundations and Building Blocks of Law, Introduction to Law, and Law and Mind.


Roman Murawski

Profesor emeritus at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland). Main fields of scientific interests: mathematical logic and the foundations of mathematics as well as the philosoohy and history of logic and mathematics. Author of 24 monographs and more than 200 papers. Member of Academia Europaea (London) and Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (Polska Akademia Umiejętności). Home page:


Joseph J. Hyde

Having been gracefully molded at Loyola University New Orleans, our protagonist emerged with an undergraduate degree in the enigmatic art of Economics. Seeking to deepen his intellectual prowess, he embarked on a Master's degree journey at Pennsylvania State University, gallivanting through their Community and Economic Development Program. A distinguished alumnus of the tendentious Walter Block and the sagacious William Barnett II, he revels in the intellectual dance with the likes of Bauer, Kant, Engels, Harrington, Hegel, Hayek, Lachmann, and the unavoidable Marx. Presently, Joseph dons the hat of an implementation management consultant, orchestrating critical strategic initiatives for the titans of Fortune 500. Yet, beneath the veneer of corporate acumen lies a man with a heart tethered to two true passions: quality family time and the relentless pursuit of a PhD program audacious enough to welcome him into its scholarly embrace. One might say Joseph is on a quest for a doctoral adventure, where clever insights and academic sagacity engage in a delightful waltz of scholarly achievement.


Arkady Zakrevsky

Arkady Zakrevsky (1928–2014), Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1972), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1967), Professor (1969). He stood at the origins of the birth of cybernetics in the Soviet Union. He proposed the programming language for logical tasks LYaPAS, on the basis of which a series of computer-aided design systems for discrete devices were created, and methods for implementing parallel algorithms for the logical control of interacting processes. Some monographs: LYaPAS: A Programming Language for Logic and Coding Algorithms (N.-Y., L.: Academic Press, 1969; with M. A. Gavrilov); Boolesche Gleichungen: Theorie, Anwendung, Algorithmen (Berlin: VEB Verlag Technik, 1984; mit Dieter Bochmann und Christian Posthoff); Combinatorial Algorithms of Discrete Mathematics (Tallinn: TUT Press, 2008; with Yu. Pottosin, L. Cheremisinova); Optimization in Boolean Space (Tallinn: TUT Press, 2009; with Yu. Pottosin, L. Cheremisinova); Design of Logical Control Devices (Tallinn: TUT Press, 2009; with Yu. Pottosin, L. Cheremisinova); Combinatorial Calculations in Many-Dimensional Boolean Space (Tallinn: TUT Press, 2012); Solving Large Systems Logical Equations (Tallinn: TUT Press, 2013).