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Special issue: space philosophy and space ethics

date: February 15th, 2021


Call for Papers


Studia Humana special issue on space philosophy and space ethics


Editor: Konrad Szocik

Interdisciplinary journal Studia Humana invites contributors interested in space philosophy and space ethics to send paper proposals. Space philosophy/philosophy of space missions/philosophy of space exploration is a very interdisciplinary discipline. Despite this natural interdisciplinarity, we invite you to submit papers exposing philosophical and ethical elements rather than, for example, other elements relevant to space exploration such as political, economic or medical. Suggested topics may include – but are not limited to – issues such as:

-          Rationale for space missions

-          New issues in environmental ethics for space

-          The value of scientific exploration of space

-          SETI/METI

-          Space bioethics (human enhancement, human reproduction in space, and others)

-     Methodological and conceptual issues (what distinguishes, if anything, space philosophy/space bioethics/space environmental ethics from their Earth-based counterparts?)


Authors are asked to send their papers until the end of August 2021 to the following e-mail address:

Accepted papers are scheduled for publication in 4 issue 2021 (December), with the possibility of some texts being published in 1 issue 2022 (February), while all finally accepted papers may be published prior to assignment to the issue as early view.


Instructions for authors: