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Nijaz Ibrulj

Professor at the University of Sarajevo's Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Bosnia and Herzegovina.




The Adjustment of Identity: Inquiries into Logic and Semantics of an Uncertain World

Issue: 1:3/1:4 (The third/fourth issue)
What is the truth, for man to search for it so much, and what is man, to be searching for the truth so much? Truth is a moving target in philosophy and science, but it is perhaps in art and literature that it moves at its fastest. The distance between us and the truth is also problematic: at times it is so near that our senses fail to recognize it; and sometimes it is so far that our mind only sees it in images itself produces. How, then, does the truth adjust itself to man, and how does man adjust himself to the truth? What is the relationship between identity and the truth?