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Maciej Stradomski

Doctor of Finance, Professor at the PoznaƄ University of Economics and Business. Former Head of the Investment and Capital Markets Department. He specializes in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions in the private market, corporate financial strategies and corporate governance. He conducts numerous projects in the field of obtaining financing and restructuring of enterprises. He is a tax advisor (no. 12526) and the Chairman of the Programme Council of the Family Business Institute. Author of numerous scientific publications on corporate finance. He gained experience in banking, consulting companies and private equity funds. He is a member of supervisory boards in capital companies. Member of the Management Board of CMT Advisory. For many years associated with Eteron Capital Group, where he served as President and Board Member.
Manager and participant of projects of the State Committee for Scientific Research in the area of, among others, financial innovations and corporate finance strategies. Manager of the Ministry of Science and Information Technology project "Financial innovations in creating enterprise value". Participant of the Ministry of Science and Information Technology project "Permanent capital formation strategy as a tool for growth of enterprise value". Project Manager of the National Centre for Research and Development grant: "Determinants of enterprises' activity on the mergers and acquisitions market in Poland".




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Investments of Polish Family Businesses

Issue: 10:3 (The thirty nineth issue)
In this paper the authors address the issue of investments made by family businesses. Their study attempted to verify the level of investments made by Polish family businesses in comparison with the level of investments made by Polish non-family businesses. The study focused on the analysis of investment flows of Polish listed companies included in the WIG index for the years 2006-2018. A total of 233 companies were analyzed, including 177 non-family businesses and 56 family businesses. The results corroborated the argument that Polish listed non-family businesses invest much more money than family businesses. It was also observed that only a small percentage of companies in both groups invest their finances in research and development.