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Jowita Guja

Jowita Guja is a philosopher, religionist, and Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies and Philosophy of the AGH University of Science and Technology where she teaches courses in philosophy of culture, axiology and contemporary literature. Her  interests lie in philosophical criticism od religion, alienation atheism, contemporary forms of spirituality, and popular culture. She is an autor of the monograph 'The Römerbrief of Karl Barth's Concept of Faith' as well as a series of articles analysing the phenomen of atheistic spirituality. Currently she is preparing a monograph etitled 'Soteriology of Atheism as a New Anthropology'.



Salutary Meanings of Sublimation. Selected Soteriological Threads of Alienation Criticism of Religion

Issue: 6:3 (The twenty third issue)
The article concerns a few soteriological threads of alienation criticism of religion whose feature is the creation of a new autonomous and transgressive subject. It focused on the presentation of this subject using Nietzsche’s philosophy perceived within Freudian perspective.