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Janusz Kaczmarek



About Some New Methods of Analytical Philosophy. Formalization De-formalization and Topological Hermeneutics

Issue: 9:3/4 (the thirty fifth/sixth issue)
In this article I want to continue the characteristics of philosophical methods
specific to analytical philosophy, which were and are important for Professor
Jan Woleński. So I refer to his work on the methods of analytical philosophy,
but I also point out a few new methods that have grown up in the climate of
studies of philosophers, especially analytical ontologists. I will therefore
describe the following methods: generalization, specialization, formalization,
de-formalization and topological hermeneutics. Instead of the term “method” I
use interchangeably the terms “operation” or “procedure”. I will show that each
of these operations makes an important contribution to ontological
investigations, and, in particular, to formal ontology.