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Hany Azazy

Hany Azazy is a lecture of Methodology and Philosophy of Science at department of Philosophy, Ain Shams University. Main interests are Logic and its history especially Islamic medieval formal and informal logic




The Genesis of Arabic Logical Activities: From Syriac Rhetoric and Jewish Hermeneutics to al-Safi‘y’s Logical Technique

Issue: 6:2 (The twenty second issue)
This paper tries to outline a history of development of informal
logic in Semitic languages and especially in Arabic. It tries to explain how
the first definite formulation of rules of this logic appeared at al-Šafi‘y’s
Risāla, a work on ’uswl āl-fiqh or methodology of law. It attempts also to
provide new theories and hypotheses about the translation movement in the
Arabic and Islamic medieval world.