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Eduardo Blasco

Eduardo Blasco is a master’s student at the London School of Economics. Eduardo holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a bachelor of Laws from the Univeristy of Valencia. Eduardo is interested in the biggest challenges to anarcho-capitalism, such as private justice and private defense. Eduardo is a self-proclaimed (Walter) Blockean. Eduardo writes for the Instituto Juan de Mariana.



Nulla Libertarian Poena Sine NAP: Reexamination of Libertarian Theories of Punishment

Issue: 9:2 (the thirty fourth issue)
Libertarianism deals with what the law should be. In this article, we focus on
what the appropriate law to punish criminals should be in a libertarian society;
that is, one that respects the Non-Aggression Principle and property rights. We
examine various theories of punishment and explain why some are
incompatible with libertarianism. We contribute to the latest libertarian theory
of punishment suggesting the necessity to take time preference into
consideration. We conclude stating a limit and a limitation to libertarian
punishment theories.