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Alexandre Costa-Leite

Alexandre Costa-Leite is a logician and philosopher

at the University of Brasilia, where he teaches Logic and

Philosophy. His main interests are in the domains of

non-classical logics and metaphysics.




Implications and Limits of Sequences

Issue: 6:1 (The twenty first issue)
This paper analyzes the problem of implication and attempts to
characterize conditionals by a criterion of adequacy. A definition of implication
based on the notion of limit of an infinite sequence is proposed.

Conjunctive and Disjunctive Limits: Abstract Logics and Modal Operators

Issue: 9:3/4 (the thirty fifth/sixth issue)
Departing from basic concepts in abstract logics, this paper introduces two
concepts: conjunctive and disjunctive limits. These notions are used to
formalize levels of modal operators.