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Alex Shkotin

Since 2008 the software engineer in, math knowledge representation in geology, mostly using FOL, CNL and OWL 2, developing IS. From 2001 to 2008 the research fellow in Computing Centre RAS. From 1998 to 2001 the consultant in Price Waterhouse Coopers.




Program Structure

Issue: 1:1 (The first issue)
A program is usually represented as a word chain. It is exactly a word chain that appears as the lexical analyzer output and is parsed. The work shows that a program can be syntactically represented as an oriented word tree, that is a syntactic program tree, program words being located both in tree nodes and on tree arrows.

Towards Owl-Based Knowledge Representation in Petrology

Issue: 1:1 (The first issue)
This paper presents our work on development of OWL-driven systems for formal representation and reasoning about terminological knowledge and facts in petrology.

Finite Systems Handling Language (YAFOLL message 1)

Issue: 4:4 (The sixteenth issue)
The concept a finite multi-carrier algebraic system (FMAS) as well as a language for handling systems such as YAFOLL (Yet Another First Order Logic Language) are introduced. The applicability of such systems to building a mathematical model of a part of reality, i.e. a mathematical structure that can be asked questions about the properties of subject domain objects and processes, is demonstrated.