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Nikolai N. Nepejvoda, Stephen R. Palmquist, Igor Gasparov, Basil Lourié, Jan Woleński, Nikolay N. Prelovskiy, Nijaz Ibrulj, Kamil I. Bakhtiyarov, Stefan Goltzberg, Paweł Przywara, Roman Murawski, Andrew Schumann,

Born on the 8-th of January in 1982, Moscow. 1999-2008: student of faculty of philosophy at the Moscow State University, specialization at the department of logic. 2002-2003: exchange student of Sun Yatseng University in Guangzhou, China, Chinese language program. 2008-2011: postgraduate student of the sector of logic at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In December of 2011 defended the candidate's thesis on bivalent semantics for multivalued logics. 2011-present time: junior research officer of the sector of logic at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Key research interests: logic, multivalued logics, logical matrices, proof theory, Chinese studies.



On Axiomatization of Non-Cartesian Logics

Nowadays it is generally accepted as a kind of truism by a significant part of logicians that Belnap's four-valued logic B4 (the definition see below) is a good logical system, which is both useful in practice and fruitful in theory. Lots of papers and monographs deal with the syntactic analogue of B4, which is a well-known system of First Degree Entailment (FDE), and with its algebraic correlate, id est the class of De Morgan algebras.


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