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Igor Dzhadan, Alex Shkotin, Vladimir Ryakhovsky, Nicholas N. Zhaldak, Petr Kusliy, Vsevolod Ladov, Alexander Boldachev, Andrej Ule, Andrew Schumann, András Máté, Péter Szegedi, Andrei Krennikov, Andy Adamatzky,

Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Belgorod State University, Russia.



Practical Logic for Economists and All Users of Tables

In this article I represent in the form of the formalized system that fragment of logic of a natural language which from an antiquity is intuitively used by economists at drawing up of tables which carry an imagery of relations of sets. For this representation I develop existential linearly-tabular diagrams. These diagrams are graphically reduced form of record of the logic information of statistical tables. The fragment of the diagrammatic dictionary of logic forms of attributive propositions is shown. (This full dictionary contains 148 diagrams). The algorithm of a diagrammatic method of drawing and checking of all possible conclusions from n any such propositions-premises with compound positive and negative terms is given. Free (consciously controllable) mastering of all logic natural language’s means is necessary for optimal performance of economic thinking. Logical culture of natural language should be high enough for any scientist, economist, lawyer and simply a businessman.


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