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Fabien Schang, Jaap Hage, Jan WoleĊ„ski, Matheus Gabriel Barbosa, Vadim Verenich, Andrea Reichenberger, Andrew Schumann,

Fabien Schang is doctor in philosophy and Visiting Professor at the Federal University of Goiás (Brazil).
Co-author of two books and a number of international scientific papers, his works are centered on logic and epistemology. His research program of formal philosophy consists in applying logical tools to philosophical problems, including a formal semantics of oppositions or partition semantics.



Logic and Law: A Matter of Values Behind Content and Form

This special issue on Logic and Law consists of four research papers and one interview focusing on epistemological reflections on relationships between logic and law, whether in a reductionist or complementary approach. Logic aims to elucidate through formal frameworks, yet it often grapples with the intricate nuances of everyday legal discourse. While law endeavors to delineate permissible conduct within defined jurisdictions, it often encounters challenges stemming from the ambiguity of terms, leading to frequent judicial interpretations and the perception that proliferating exceptions undermines the efficacy of the rule itself.


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