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Sofia Almpani, Elena Lisanyuk, Andrew Schumann, Antonis Kakas, Dimitra Serakioti, Petros Stefaneas, Vladimir A. Stepanov, Panayiotis V. Frangos, Marcin TrepczyƄski, Ted Peters, Konrad Szocik, Vojko Strahovnik,


Dynamic Approximation of Self-Referential Sentences

Non-classical logic via approximation of self-referential sentences by dynamical systems are consistently presented. The new 6-valued truth values <T, va, A, V, av, F> (here A=Liar, V=TruthTeller) are presented as a function of the classical truth values x_i∈{0,1}, which resulted in a philosophical standpoint known as Suszko’s Thesis. Three-valued truth tables were created corresponding to Priest’s tables of the same name. In the process of constructing 4-valued truth tables, two more new truth values (va, av) were revealed that do not coincide with the four original ones. Therefore, the closed tables turned out to be 6-valued. Prof Dunn’s 4-valued truth tables arecompared with our 4-valued truth tables. De Morgan’s laws are confirmed by six-valued truth tables. Constructed 3-, 4- and 6-valued lattices obeying De Morgan’s laws.  


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