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Andrzej Dąbrowski

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow.




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How Many Concepts of Intentionality?

Issue: 4:3 (The fifteenth issue)
The current discussion of the intentionality nature has become more sophisticated and complex. In this paper I will delineate a number of approaches to intentionality in contemporary philosophy: 1 mentalistic; 2 semantic / linguistic; 3 pragmatic; 4 somatic; 5 and naturalistic. Although philosophers identify and analyse many concepts of intentionality, from the author point of view, there is only one intentionality: mentalistic intentionality (conscious mental states are intentional). Furthermore, there are the pre-intentionality in the physical world and the meta-intentionality (or the derived intentionality) in the world of culture.

Preface: Reflections on Emotions

Issue: 5:3 (The nineteenth issue)
Preface to the special issue ‘Reflections on Emotions’. Many
academic disciplines have offered important explanations of various aspects of
emotion. In the Preface I try to present a wide range of research and stress that
study on emotions had its origins in philosophy.