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J. C. Lester

J. C. Lester is an independent philosopher (LSE PhD) and the author of several books and many articles on interpersonal-libertarian philosophy ( These tend to apply a new philosophical paradigm of libertarianism: an abstract (non-normative and non-propertarian) eleutherology and critical-rationalist epistemology.


Ian Hersum

Ian Hersum is a student in the fields of philosophy and economics, drawing from the tradition of Austro-libertarian thought, and specifically, the work of Murray Rothbard. Having long been a sporadic and analytical thinker, he is now in the process of organizing and articulating his own ideas.


David Marcos

David Marcos is a Philosophy Student at Universidad de Granada.
He is a libertarian particularly interested in ethics, political
philosophy, epistemology and ontology. Most of David ´s previous work
has focused on freedom of speech, such a paper he published for the
Mises Journal Brazil.