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Riccardo Campa

Riccardo Campa, philosopher and sociologist; professor at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. His research focuses mainly on sociology of science and technology, futurology, historical sociology, bioethics, and the history of ideas.



De Bello Robotico. An Ethical Assessment of Military Robotics

Issue: 8:1 (The twenty nineth issue)
This article provides a detailed description of robotic weapons and unmanned
systems currently used by the U.S. Military and its allies, and an ethical
assessment of their actual or potential use on the battlefield. Firstly, trough a
review of scientific literature, reports, and newspaper articles, a catalogue of
ethical problems related to military robotics is compiled. Secondly, possible
solutions for these problems are offered, by relying also on analytic tools
provided by the new field of roboethics. Finally, the article explores possible
future developments of military robotics and present six reasons why a war
between humans and automata is unlikely to happen in the 21st century.