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Béla Mester



On Hungarian Philosophy. Its European Past and European Future

Issue: 4:4 (The sixteenth issue)
Béla Mester (1962), PhD, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Philosophy, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary; share-time associate professor of University of Nyíregyháza when he is an alumnus; member of the editorial boards of Hungarian Philosophical Review and Kellék; vice-president of the Hungarian Philosophical Society; Doctor universitatis of history of philosophy (ELTE University, Budapest, 1997); PhD of literary studies (UBB University, Cluj/Kolozsvár/Klausenburg, 2003, in Romania, in Hungarian); PhD of political philosophy (ELTE University, Budapest, 2005); fields of research: history of early modern political philosophy, history of Hungarian philosophy.