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Preface: Philosophical Basis for Making Decisions
(on the 140th Anniversary of the Birth of Jan Łukasiewicz)

author: Jan Woleński, Andrew Schumann,
It is a Preface to Volume 8:2 (2019) consisting of articles presented at the International Interdisciplinary Conference anniversary of the birth of Jan Łukasiewicz, Rzeszów, Poland.

Logical Ideas of Jan Łukasiewicz

author: Jan Woleński,
This paper discusses the main logical ideas put forward by Jan Łukasiewicz within their historical context and further development.

Logical Determinacy versus Logical Contingency.
The Case of Łukasiewicz’s Three-valued Logic

author: Andrew Schumann,
In constructing the three-valued logic, Jan Łukasiewicz was highly inspirited
by the Aristotelian idea of logical contingency. Nevertheless, we can construct
a four-valued logic for explicating the Stoic idea of logical determinacy. In this
system, we have the following truth values: 0 (‘possibly false), 1 (‘necessarily
false’), 2 (‘possibly true’), 3 (‘necessarily true’), where the designated truth
value is represented by the two values: 2 and 3.