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Existence and Predication in Free Logics

author: Guilherme Kubiszeski,
This paper presents a fundamental difference between negative semantics for
free logics and positive ones regarding the logical relations between existence
and predication. We conclude that this difference is the key to understand why
negative free logics are stronger, i.e., they prove more, than positive free

A Praxeological Approach to Intentional Action

author: Alan Futerman, Walter Block,
The concept of Intentional Action is at the core of Praxeology, as developed by the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises. Under this unique approach,
defined as the science of human action and designed to study the field of the deductive system starting from the desired one. From this axiom, the al features and implications of human action; such as value, scale of value, scarcity, abundance, profit, loss, uncertainty and causality, among others. This paper intends to present the praxeological perspective on intentional action and its epistemological implications; it also attempts to answer objections to this thesis.

Christianity, the Free Market, and Libertarianism

author: Chrisian Light, Walter Block,
In recent centuries Christians of various denominations have endorsed many
different political philosophies that they see as being truly biblical in their
approach. Over this time there has been an increasing hostility, by some
Christians, towards free markets and political philosophies that hold human
liberty as the highest goal such as libertarianism and classical liberalism. This
criticism is unwarranted and misplaced as libertarianism and free markets are
not only compatible with Christianity, they are also the most biblically sound
of all economics systems and political philosophies endorsed by Christians
today. Therefore, this paper will argue that Christians of all denominations
should endorse free markets and libertarianism if they wish to create a world
that follows biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus.